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Mobile Coverage Solutions

GenieNG RF and In- Building Coverage Solution (IBCS), GenieNG in collaboration with reputable international companies offers leading edge RF & Optical Coverage improvement solutions for both  GSM & CDMA mobile network operators.
We have carried out RF Projects that involved Survey, Planning, Design, Implementation & Intergration of the following tasks:
•    In-Building Coverage Solution for effective capacity enhancement in both 2G & 3G
•    Integration of In-Building Coverage Solution
•    RF & Optical 2G & 3G Repeaters: Indoor & Outdoor Coverages
•    Home Booster/Cell Extender for signal enhancement 
•    RF GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal for voice communications effective on PBX which provide a Callback facility for users
•    Sales of RF Materials for CDMA & GSM Networks
•    Project Costing & Management