Quality of Service Solutions


Total quality management is a journey, not a destination

The rapidly expanding mobile telecommunication infrastructure  is becoming increasingly complex and carries progressively more traffic volumes across the technologies currently deployed

Solution Architecture


The solution is so user friendly and all information can be accessed realtime by the click of a button

Q-Reporting Infrastructure

We offer the Quality of Service (QoS) platform which enables the Regulator to

  • Automatically Monitor the Mobile Network Operators,
  • Schedule reports which can be sent routinely to already defined recipient email addresses
  • Provide the Regulator a view of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all the MNO’s, for their entire 2G, 3G and Core network, 24 x 7 for every subscriber’s experience. This is based on the actual calls and/or data sessions that the MNO’s subscribers make, or attempt to make in the case of service failures.
  • Access real-time performance trends of key KPIs for all operator on vendor level, BSC level, RNC level, cell level etc. Trends can also be aggregated on state and Nationwide levels by operator and vendor.
  • Create reports on the health of the operator networks for top level management meetings. These reports can be exported in pdf, word, excel, csv and map formats.
  • Engage the operators appropriately with the right information on network quality thereby helping to compare performance across operators and sanction those who are not meeting up to the set KPI targets
  • Know exactly the actual number of network elements (BSC, RNC, MSCs) as well as Trunk group status/capacity of each operator